Everyone knows the coolest car in town is one of those limited-edition, factory specials. Worse still, you soon realise, Knuckle Head up the street, has the exact, same Limited Edition as you! A true one-off, with excellent bang for buck; talk about win, win!

Straight up, those cars with full body wraps — forget it. Even a full bonnet wrap is probably best left to advanced, or experienced DIYers. On the other hand, an innovative set of stripes or accents is well soledad huamanga gamarra the scope of a handy DIYer. The key to creating a set of killer custom stripes or accents, capable of transforming your ride into the envy of everyone, is coming up with a good design — which requires inspiration.

The internet is another great resource, with literally thousands of designs to inspire you. A good tip is to take some photos of your car, print them out and break out the coloured marker pens. Think laterally. As well as traditional mono-colour stripes and accents, trend setting, two-tone designs can also be achieved using the innovative DesignLine Knifeless tape see step-by-step.

The vinyl can be lifted and repositioned a number times during application without issue, only taking full hold once firm pressure has been applied. The Designer Wraps Panel and Accessory Packs both contain a padded applicator, snap-blade knife and informative instruction manual.

When properly installed and cared for, Designer Wraps will last up to ten years — and comes with a five-year extended warranty. Better still, if you want to change your design, the Controltac adhesive allows Designer Wraps to be removed without damaging the paint or leaving a residue.

So how much? These sheet sizes are quite generous and somewhat larger than many others — especially the Panel Pack. The accessory pack is ideal for custom stripes as well as interior accents.

Step No. For curved edges shown here lay the tape in flowing, fluid movements to create smooth flowing lines. Once the backing is removed it becomes electrostatic and attracts floating debris. To safeguard against this, lightly tack a small section to the panel, then peel away the remainder while laying the vinyl down. Then using only the padded side of the supplied applicator, squeegee out any bubbles or wrinkles, starting from the middle and working outwards.Car stripes and body stickers express an extreme exterior makeover on a car and attracts the eyes of road users anywhere they goes.

Here we share some of the simple and smart, nice body sticker, stripe line decal.

car body stripes design

Some famous design of body stripe line decals include the racing stripe stickers or paints from front to rear, mustang side stripe decal, single strip line, and lower side stripe. Usually two parallel blue stripes running from front to rear in the centre of the white body, they helped spectators identify the cars during races.

From the s, stripes have sometimes been applied to road cars as well as racecars. Arrangements include one or more stripes on the hood, roof, and trunk; stripes on the sides; and stripes that cross the hood or trunk and continue along the sides.

In a running gag, one character sold his slow-witted friend a series of home-made buggies that all had stripes. Pecah fiber pecah gelas, sudah baca komenlah se das! Terima kasih! Hi, would like to ask the cost for car body line on a Toyota vios, appreciate so much for your reply. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

car body stripes design

We love to publish modified car pics, car specs and do some short reviews. Like to attend any auto events and share what we can about cars! Kami juga berkongsi tips kereta dalam bahasa melayu. Please follow and like us:. August 17, at pm. Yves says:. February 7, at pm. February 8, at pm. September 10, at pm. Shaharil says:. March 27, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.They are vinyl decals, or stickers as some might call them. Permanaent adhesive machine die-cut vinyl decals that can be applied to a smooth surface such as a glass window, painted surface such as a vehicle body, or many other surfaces.

Please see the application instructions page as it shows the product being applied in videos and pictures. This can give you a clear understanding of exactly what you are ordering.

Also see the customers rides section of the site to see many of the creative uses for the vinyl decals and vehicle graphics from our customer sent in pictures.

Pin Striping by Style

Why put Vinyl Graphics on your vehicle compared to painting the designs on? Well, for most the answer is easy.

Classic Tri-Color BMW Stripes

Vinyl offers a durable yet changeable solution. Do you get tired of looking at the same car or truck day in a day out. Then this might be a great solution for you! With the ability to change the look of you vehicle quickly and easily you can also switch the design as often as you want. We offer 's of designs and many color combinations to choose from.

Vinyl graphics are also very affordable compared to painting the design on. Usually a pair of flames, for example, will cost anywhere from 30 to 80 dollars for the set. As for paint, the cost will usually be much, much more. Durability of the graphics varies. Usually one can expect a 3 to 6 year life or longer.

I'm not gonna lie. It is easy when applying to a flat or slightly contoured surface but if your crossing a side molding or applying to a rounded surface it may be difficult and require a lot of patience. Of course the larger you go then it may be a little harder. In general most people use the wet method and the graphics are easy to apply. TIP: Large graphics. Tape to surface firmly, then cut into sections if possible, ie front cab, door section, etc.

Then apply each section using our halff and half method. See our decal application instructions page for two application methods, including our half and half method, and videos.

Removing can sometimes take more time than applying the graphics. Peel slowly as not to remove any paint very rare and if it leaves some glue you can remove it with adhesive and glue remover sold at most autoparts store and even Walmart.

You also may try heating the graphic a little with a heat gun. Be careful, heat guns get really hot and could damage the surface if to much heat is applied. Will it remove paint?During these uncertain days, we remain committed to serving our customers.

At this time, we are operating at full capacity with no delays. Please stay safe and healthy. When you want to show your personality out on the road, fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror are not going to cut it. Made of orajet RA rapidair vinyls and laminated with the oraguard g laminate, our high quality stick-on car graphics can be applied easily. They should also last over 8 years in all weather conditions, no professional installation needed. Simply unroll the decal and apply using the provided application squeegee for a perfect smooth installation.

It has never been easier to install an awesome car decal in just minutes. Our graphics come in a wide range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your sports car, sedan, van, crossover, SUV, truck, or trailer. What can you expect to find in our car decal collection? Anime fans go crazy for our vibrant anime girl car graphics. Show your need for speed with a checked flag side decal, or turn up the heat with our classic flames decal kits. Read product reviews from real customers to get the dish on the best products we carry or view our Customer Gallery for real pics of our car accents in action.

Check back regularly for great sales and promotions on the hottest car and truck graphics — you never know when your favorite decal kit will be available for a steal of a price. If you have any questions about our graphics, curious about the appropriate size for your vehicle or want tips on how to apply the decal for a smooth finish, give us a call or email at any time.

car body stripes design

Xtreme Digital GraphiX. Browse our full color side decals for cars and trucks below:. Social Accepted Forms of Payment.The only continuous professional online auto vinyl graphics and auto pin striping sales company since ! Our thousands of loyal customers including automotive new and used car dealers, professional vinyl graphics installers, and auto enthusiasts like you have made MoProAuto the 1 provider of Chevy Camaro racing stripes, Ford Mustang rally stripes, and Dodge Challenger rallye stripes and Dodge Charger racing stripe kits and premium decal packages.

Find Vehicle Specific vinyl graphics for Buy Chevy stripes, Chevy decals, Chevy vinyl graphics for modern Chevy vehicles, including Professional Quality Chevy vinyl graphic kits. Browse our collection of Get factory quality Dodge stripes, Dodge decals, Dodge vinyl graphics with modern Dodge stripe decals for the newest Dodge model years! It doesn't stop with the above automotive manufacturers! We have additional automotive vinyl graphics for today's modern car and truck makers.

Quickly browse our collection of Along with vehicle specific designs, we offer "universal fit" vinyl graphics and pin stripes that work on a wide variety of vehicles, from car stripes to truck decal kits we have a huge selection of sizes and colors to choose from. Get hood graphics or body stripes, door vinyl graphics and full racing stripe kits that will make you stand out from the busy automotive crowd! Our vehicle specific cut-to fit designs are used by automotive professionals around the world, including your local automotive dealerships and professional vinyl graphic installers.

These automotive stripe kits are designed with vehicle specific accuracy. Choose one of these popular automakers Choose a model specific cut-to fit design for the fastest and easiest installation possible. You will find popular designs used by automotive professionals around the world, including your local automotive dealerships and professional vinyl graphic installers.

Below you'll find a wide variety of model specific automotive vinyl graphics, car stripes, truck stripes, hood decals, side door stripes, and various body striping kits for a wide variety of model years.

Pro Aftermarket Graphics

Choose one of these popular models Find professional quality and popular auto car stripes, truck stripes, car and truck decals, auto vinyl graphic kits, auto decal packages, automotive stripe kits, car pinstriping, truck pinstripes and pin stripe kits from top producing and best selling manufacturers of modern vinyl graphic styles.

From these manufacturers you will find vinyl kits specializing in racing stripes and rally stripe styles, vinyl decal kits, hood stripes, roof stripes, trunk stripes, spoiler stripes, side door stripes, lower rocker panel stripes, rear fender decals and more body vinyl graphic decals.!

Get "OEM Factory Styles" and "Universal Fit" vinyl graphics, with other designs appealing to many automotive dealerships, professional installers and retail customers.

Browse these popular vinyl graphic collections We have these popular styles We specialize in brand name automotive vinyl graphics, decals and stripesalong with custom and factory OEM style spoilers by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry!

Offering a huge stock of inventory for just about every make and model for today's modern sports cars. For over 25 years we have offered these auto accessories to automotive dealers and professional restylers, and now we offer them to you! We have the highest quality accessories to add affordable style to your vehicle!

Why not settle for the best, and find exceptional products and value right here! For more info, please view our FAQ page!


We design, test fit, and sell direct to automotive dealers and manufacturers first, before making them available on our website. This ensures a quality vinyl product is being sold to you! MoProAuto specializes in factory replicas of many "OEM style" vinyl graphics, stripe kits and decal packages, along with new designs that have a dealer-friendly, factory style. Our vehicle specific vinyl graphic and decal kits have been precisely designed, measured, and test fitted to replicate "Factory OEM Style" vinyl graphic kits for the most professional job possible.

We provide these vinyl stripe kits to professional restylers and automotive dealerships across the country and around the world. If you truly value your vehicle, then please accept a higher quality product by choosing a MoProAuto premium line Professional Design Series vinyl graphic! Order one today!MoProAuto features professional pin striping rolls, stripe decal kits, stylistic graphic pin striping, pin stripe accent kits, and upper body vinyl accent tapers.

Adding a simple pin striping to your vehicle will show your individuality, and break up the plain looks of a stock vehicle. Pin striping pinstriping is the application of a very thin line of vinyl generally used for decoration.

Our automotive pinstriping tape comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and widths, according to the needs of the project. Pinstriping tape can come in a wide variety of vibrant and subtle hues, in both metallic and opaque colors. Vinyl pin striping from automotive pinstripe manufacturers are easy to apply with a peel-and-stick application. Pin striping will adhere to any automotive surface. Most pin striping rolls come in foot lengths.

All rights reserved. Site Information. Terms of Service. Our Partners. Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube. Please wait Visit our FAQ Page! Sign in or Create an account. All prices are in All prices are in USD. Home Pin Striping by Style. Automotive Pin Striping, Decal Sets, Accent Kits and Solid Vinyl Rolls by Style MoProAuto features professional pin striping rolls, stripe decal kits, stylistic graphic pin striping, pin stripe accent kits, and upper body vinyl accent tapers. Vinyl Pin Stripe Rolls in many popular sizes, styles, and colors.

Decal Sets. Graphic Pin Striping. Accent Kits. Pin Striping Rolls. Solid Color Vinyl Rolls. Upper Body Tapers.We use only the finest vinyl materials, UV rated inks, and finish with a durable laminate to protect your graphics for years.

Add some muscle with these OEM graphics. Shop this great selection of top-quality OEM vinyl graphics to enhance your car or truck. Fast shippping, great service, and the best graphics. All kits include graphics for both sides. There are the two groups in this collection: OEM body graphics which are printed on premium high metallic silver base vinyl and OEM body graphics which are printed on clear base vinyl with a black matte finish.

Tags are sold separately. Mix and match tags with your favorite OEM kit. Professional installation is recommended. A PDF program is required to view catalog. We recommend Acrobat Reader. All prices are in USD. Please wait Wish Lists. View Cart 0 0. Search Search. Home Pro Aftermarket Graphics. Pro Aftermarket Graphics. Vehicle graphics designed for the profesional. Platinum Series Vehicle Graphics is a collection of high quality graphics which are designed on premium vinyl with a silver base for a lush metallic look.

The Wild Oak collection features durable camo graphics in 2 great camoufage patterns. Wild Oak, an all purpose pattern, and Oak Breeze, a ground-cover style. The graphics are printed on the highest quality vinyl and are U.


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