Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. Our policy-focused Economics program will help you learn about choice, and the impact of choices, in business. From the decisions we make as individuals, families, governments or firms, the field of economics relates to every aspect of our lives and to every aspect of the business environment. This degree pairs our Economics program with our highly ranked Finance program.

You'll graduate with the skills needed to enter the investment banking or finance profession, and have the competitive career advantage of understanding the factors that influence income, wealth and well-being. E: Recruitment and Admissions.

Lazaridis School Faculty and Staff. Check out options to enhance your degree. We see you are accessing our website on IE8. Economics and Financial Management BA.

Apply Now. Contact Us: E: Recruitment and Admissions. Experience Guide. Employment rate after graduation: Admission Requirements We encourage applicants of all academic backgrounds to apply. Ontario High School Curriculum Minimum admission range of mid 80s. Competitive admission range of high 80s.

economics laurier reddit

All required courses calculated in admission average, including English. Design Your Degree Check out options to enhance your degree.LOG IN to show content. To view course materials, refer to your faculty member's profile pageMyLearningSpaceor see your faculty member or course outline for further information on how to access your course material.

Top 12 Wilfrid Laurier Bird Courses That Will Boost Your GPA

This course analyzes the decision making of individual households and firms in a market economy, with an emphasis on the use of the price mechanism to allocate resources. The course will include applications to relevant economic policy. This course examines the working of the national economy with an emphasis on the determination of national income.

There will be an examination of important issues such as unemployment, price stability, and balance of payments and of possible government policies to deal with these issues. A study of growth in developing countries considering the relationship of economic development to the structure of the economy; problems in modernizing the economic structure; problems of growth within the modernized sector of the economy.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the economic characteristics, function and performance of Canada's financial system. Such institutions as the Canadian payment system, the money market, the banks and near banks, and the foreign exchange market will be examined in detail. Areas covered may include public goods, externalities, the public provision of private goods and the redistribution of income. Canadian federal-provincial relations, health care and education and voting procedures may also be examined.

Economic theory is applied to the problems of environmental disruption and pollution. The factors that inhibit environmental improvement are examined. Economic policies that can be used to prevent environmental decay are studied. An introductory course in international trade theory and policy. Partial and general equilibrium analysis is used to discuss the direction of and gains from trade, and the effects of distortions like tariffs and quotas.

The second part of the course includes a discussion of trade policy issues such as the formation of free trade areas and customs unions, and the operation of the world trading system under the World Trade Organization formerly GATT.

This course traces the history of international economic relations from the period of industrialization to the present. Topics covered will include the gold standard, international trade, foreign investment and migration. An examination of the market for health care. Special emphasis will be given to health as an economic good, the relation between health status and economic well-being, market responses to the demand for health care, for the provision of health care workers, and the problems of health care costs and financing in a Canadian context.

This course is an introduction to issues in international finance. Topics may include international financial institutions, the balance of payments, exchange rates, international borrowing and lending and their relationship to international trade and the domestic economy.

Macroeconomic analysis is used to gain understanding of the determinants of current business conditions, to make macroeconomic forecasts, and to evaluate the effects on the economic and business environment of various types of macroeconomic policies. This course develops and applies those principles of economics, which offer a foundation for managerial decision making. Microeconomic tools are applied to analyze the economic choices faced by the firm, and to establish decision rules which can assist the manager of business enterprise in achieving the goals of the firm.

An examination of conventional microeconomic theories which attempt to explain the nature of markets and the behaviour of individuals and firms. Topics will include consumer choice, the technology and costs of production, firm behaviour, competition and market structure. The course focuses on techniques and strategies for clear and effective written and oral communication of economic ideas.

Topics may include technical writing techniques and style, expositional writing, literature searching and retrieval, and short oral presentations. Students gain practical experience through exercises which provide opportunities for instructor and peer assessment.

An introduction to the foundations of statistical reasoning including probability theory, the law of large numbers, limit theorems, theories of point and interval estimation and statistical inference. This course will prepare students for further work in econometrics.

MIT 2660A Assignment 4

A study of the determination of levels of aggregate output, employment, interest rates, and prices in both closed and open economies with emphasis on static analysis. Stabilization policy is also examined.

An introduction to the foundations of large sample econometric theory and practice. Emphasis is placed on modelling data-generating procedures based on economic and statistical theory and analysis of resulting properties of least-squares and maximum-likelihood estimators.Find your school. Log In. Sign Up. OneClass Blog Admin 13 Jan WS - Introduction to Woman and Gender Studies Yes, it is exactly how the title is stated; this course will guide you through the generalized information to do with woman and gender.

Although this course focusses on the female feminist thought, theories and activism, there are still aspects which focus towards a male perspective as well depending on the professor you end up with. This course is marked mainly on participation, group projects and a research essay on a topic of your choice. ES - Introduction to Environmental Studies While highlighting on natural resources and environmental conditions, this course focusses on topics similarly to grade 12 high school environmental courses.

economics laurier reddit

Topics include: sustainability, economic and ecological systems and ethics and worldviews on environmental issues. By directing towards both Canadian and international views, not only is it an interesting course but it is also hands on with easy done labs both done individually and within groups. You will have simple quizzes done during the semester where minimal memorization can go a long way. Also, your midterm and final exam are multiple choice, fill in the blank and true or false based.

Although this sometimes can make test more difficult for some, the context learned over the course of the semester flows well to the point where the information you take in comes first hand to you. This course can not only impact you on an environmental level, but can also impact your GPA in a positive way.

After taking this course all of these lies I had been fed I now viewed as the total opposite. Not only was this course like walking back into a grade 10 English class, but the course evaluations were like review of what we had already learned or at least should have before coming into University in the first place. With no end of term exam in the regular exam period, easy essays which our professor was there to help us write and to the class group presentations we had to put together, not only did these evaluations give out easy marks, but it was actually somewhat enjoyable compared to few English courses offered at WLU.

This course will not only give you some technological experience, but will also be fun in the process giving you leeway to use your own ideas and creative skills.

Definitely a course I would take to fill up my timetable! This course emphasizes on both individual and collaborate learning while focussing on areas of the academic study of Christianity such as biblical studies. Throughout your journey in this course you will have journal entries you have to write based on multiple readings given, but other than that the intensity and weight of this course is practically buoyant.How Canada can produce more 'unicorns' and dominate the tech world.

We prepare our students for the world that's coming, not the world of their parents. We believe immersive learning is the key to that preparation. From day one, Lazaridis School students learn to work in teams tackling real-world problems that exist now. Our co-op business degree is Canada's largest because we want to immerse our students in the kinds of environments they'll experience when they graduate.

All of this is about teaching Lazaridis School students to think for themselves so they'll be able to adapt to a world of ever-growing complexity, facing problems nobody has ever solved before. As a result of our commitment to the student experience, Maclean's has named Laurier the 1 school in student satisfaction for the third year in a row.

Our AACSB-accredited programs are among the most selective undergraduate business programs in the country and our students are among the most engaged. When our students aren't winning national case competitions, they are leading student clubs and organizations, volunteering in the community, or starting their own business.

The Lazaridis School operates the largest business degree co-op program in the country. We encourage our students to explore different career options and gain valuable employment experience before they graduate. If that isn't enough, our employment rate for the BBA program in was Lazaridis School Alumni Network. Lazaridis business students win largest undergraduate business competition in central Canada.

Online shopping is having a big effect on brick-and-mortar stores, says Laurier marketing professor. View All Events. We see you are accessing our website on IE8. Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. Read the Story. View the video. Maclean's: How Canada can produce more 'unicorns' and dominate the tech world. Highest student satisfaction in Canada We prepare our students for the world that's coming, not the world of their parents.

Fewer than five per cent of the world's business schools hold this distinction. Contact Us:. Spotlights View More.Lost your password?

Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. I also had the same thing happen to me last year. I was given an alternate offer to economics, that being said they don't consider you for bba cause they already made a decision on ur file unless your average goes up to meet the cutoff.

Too switch from econ to bba second year most people I talked to said you need a 9. To get coop for econ at laurier is the same process as bba but very few get it 25 of students in econ so thats a lot of competition for those spots and if u don't get coop its going to be really hard to get a job after graduation. What other schools did you apply too? I suggest brock bba coop and degroote commerce over laurier econ. Also don't goto laurier thinking u will switch to bba goto laurier thinking that you are now in econ and not bba and then try really hard for the high gpa.

Honestly i went to laurier cause most of my friends were going there and i wanted the laurier bba so bad and i only missed it by. So after a semester i realized i wont have the grades to switch so now im transferring to a different school for a business degree. Thats just from my experience at the end of the day choose what you want.

Thanks for your input so far guys. I don't really know much about mac with regards to their undergrad business but I hear their MBA program is quite good. With regards to social life, if I decide to go to UTSC, I'll have to live close to the campus, cause it doesn't make much sense having to spend 3. Would the social life aspect be better if I am actually living there as opposed to commuting?

economics laurier reddit

Let's say that I get my CPA designation, but after a few years I realize that I want to pursue a career more in terms of finance. Would it still be possible to go down that line, after maybe completing grad school and getting a CFA certification? It's a full on commuter school in a residential area in Scarborough. Mac has a better reputation as a school overall, is a BComm program that will give you exposure to all areas of business, is more difficult for GPA and has way more math and economics courses you must complete.

Look at the course selections and cost differences between the two and go from there. To be honest, you should not be going into business nowadays if you can't even work for a CPA.

CFA is highly saturated and entry-level finance positions are hard to come by. I'm discrediting it become I am in an arts program, have taken economics courses and have friends who majored in econ. I see people with masters in econ struggling to get a job. You won't get good finance internships though Laurier economics. The option is still open for to you to take accounting and finance courses, but to succeed in these fields you need more than that.

You need experience and a business degree works more in your favour than an arts one.Gives real world example. The exam was super long and though but it's fair. As long as you attend his class, read the slides, and do practice questions, you can get A. I'm Professor Johnson Submit a Correction. Professor Johnson's Top Tags. Get ready to read Skip class? You won't pass. Test heavy Lecture heavy Tough grader.

Flag this rating. Check out Similar Professors in the Economics Department 5. Apr 13th, For Credit: Yes. David is smart man, but he has trouble effectively communicating a concept.

Contact Us:

His slides are not that helpful and are really bad, your better off reading the textbook. Midterms are hard. DO NOT take this class as an elective. He has some flexible office hours. But huge respect for David for being in touch with students during this pandemic. Accessible outside class Get ready to read.

Apr 9th, I can't even look at his slides they are so bad- trust me and get the textbook. Graded by few things Test heavy Lecture heavy.

economics laurier reddit

Mar 26th, All academic activities moved to online and MLS. Out of all the professors I had this semester, Dr. Johnson was the one who stayed in touch with students the most.LOG IN to show content. Note: University regulations apply to all students at Laurier. If there is any discrepancy between the program or progression requirements outlined on this page and those in the university's academic calendarsthe academic calendars are the official sources of information.

The information below is from the latest calendar, and you may be following progression requirements from an earlier calendar. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate calendar. Contact your program coordinator should you notice any discrepancies. This program outline does not supersede or alter any calendar requirements.

If differences exist, the calendar is correct. The program consists of A minimum of 9. In addition to the GPA requirements, a student must complete 5. To be eligible for the Lazaridis School Co-op Option, a student must complete 5. This program outline does not supersede any calendar requirements. The combined Honours BA Economics program consists of Requirements of the related department must be met.

A minor consists of a minimum of 3. To be eligible to apply for the specialization, students must have a minimum GPA of 8. To receive the Research Specialization, a student must complete all of the requirements of an Honours Economics degree, plus 1.

For information about this option, contact bbaadvising wlu. Current Laurier students who are eligible, may apply for the option using the online Program Selection Form available through the Office of the Enrolment Services. Students who have entered through direct-entry must have a minimum GPA of 6. A student must also successfully complete a recognized statistics course from their program of study or EC from the Department of Business prior to admission.

Entry to the program is competitive and students would typically apply at the end of Year 2. Only students in an honours degree will be considered for admission. Course from home Faculty 0. E: lmcleod wlu. E: kjackson wlu. Amy Neufeld, Undergraduate Program Advisor. E: econadvising wlu. E: hkaluzny wlu. Jennifer Dilella, Administrative Inquiries. E: jdilella wlu. Search the website Search. Student Life. My Timetable. Event Calendar Categories.

In this section k. Program Requirements. Undergraduate Programs.


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