Ford introduced the 1. Together with 2. The advanced technologies allowed replacing larger engines 2. The engine's cylinder block has an open-deck design and made from high-strength aluminum alloy. The open-deck design helps lower weight and improved cooling balance. The engine block has a very thin cast iron sleeves liners cast directly into aluminum cylinder walls.

The block was equipped with a cast iron crankshaft with four counterweights and five main bearings, forged connecting rods, aluminum hypereutectic pistons with low-friction resin-coated skirts.

kp39 turbo specs

Piston pins feature a diamond-like-coating DLC. The oil pan is also made from aluminum and adds some structural support to the engine block. The EcoBoost 1. Between cylinder head and engine block, there is a multi-layer stainless steel MLS head gasket. The head is designed as one piece with camshaft casing. It also has 4 valves per cylinder two intake valves and two exhaust valves and D-shaped intake ports for efficient airflow from the intake manifold into the cylinders.

The valvetrain uses more convenient and simple shimless buckets for valve activations. There are not hydraulic lash adjusting mechanism in the engine.

These buckets are available in 36 different thicknesses to set proper lash clearance. Intake valves diameter is 30mm, while the exhaust valves diameter is 25mm. The valve steam for intake and exhaust valves is only 5 mm.

One camshaft has an additional cam lobe to drive a high-pressure fuel pump. The fuel pressure is supplied for the high-pressure direct fuel injection with six-hole injectors. Each injector is located in the center of the cylinder, near the spark plug.

The turbocharger is a key component of EcoBoost engines. The 1.

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A center section of the turbocharger is water-cooled. The compressed air after an air-to-air intercooler goes into a plastic intake manifold through the The hot exhaust gases after a turbocharger go into the close-coupled three-way catalytic converter.

Sincethe manufacturer uses the upgraded version of 1. The engine has many disadvantages in reliability as well as many advantages such as low fuel consumption, high power, etc. The problem of overheating is the biggest issue that has been already solved on new vehicles. Owners report the engine starts to consume coolant without any found reason. The level of coolant from full to low, which causes coolant warning light, may drop during 1, miles mileage after the coolant was filled up.

Stock Fiesta ST Turbo Size?

The campaign touches the EcoBoost engines, cylinder heads of which may crack and warp due to overheating, as a result of that oil may leak. There were 29 fires total in the U. InFord recalled overvehicles with 1. Just make sure the recall for your vehicle is done or get it done ASAP.

Like all engines with direct injection, fuel injection nozzles can easily become clogged by poor-quality fuel and soot. The backside of the intake valves is being covered with carbon deposit due to lack of fuel as a cleaner inside the intake ports.

The cleaning process is quite expensive.Sign In. Password forgotten? Click here. It is an exact replacement for the stock turbo. Includes our turbocharger installation kit which includes all seals and gaskets along with new copper nuts.

If you purchase a new oil feed line it comes with new seals. If you are going to re-use your existing oil feed line you need to purchase the feed line seals seperately below. We recommend replacing the oil feed line to limit the chances of leftover contamination or clogging damaging the new turbocharger. Borg-Warner warranties its turbos for 12 months from date of purchase, regardless of mileage.

Warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis, where Borg-Warner determines the cause of failure and whether it's a manufacturing, installation, or operating defect.

Ford 1.6L EcoBoost GTDI Engine Review

To file a claim we need: Your vehicle's VIN number Date and mileage when the turbo was installed Date and mileage when the turbo was removed. We forward this information to our Borg-Warner distributor with the turbo. The distributor makes a preliminary inspection: if the cause of failure is obvious they will honor or deny the warranty claim.

This usually takes about 10 days from the date they receive the turbo. If Borg-Warner honors the warranty claim and agrees to replace the failed turbo, IDParts will refund the purchase price of the replacement turbo. The replacement turbo will not be refunded if the warranty claim is denied. Is it: Actually In Stock? Many online stores do not stock parts and advertise products that they do not actually have.

The Same Brand? Lesser expensive brands may be lower quality. The Same Contents? Kits sold by some stores are often missing crucial components. If you find an in-stock product made by the same manufacturer, or a kit with the same contents, at a lower price, we'd like to hear from you. Shop for My Vehicle. Add a vehicle to your garage.

Returning Customers Welcome back, please login. Remember Me.Reference: TURB Condition: New product. In Stock. Availability date:. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.

kp39 turbo specs

Add to basket. Add to wishlist. Please use the table below to check if this part fits your car. Identifying the Correct Turbo. The best way to identify the correct turbo for your car is to take a look at the turbochargers name plate on the unit itself, engraved on the plate will be the turbo model name, turbo manufacturer's part number and the vehicles manufacturer's part number of which you can match up when searching for a replacement. If the name plate is missing or difficult to read on the turbocharger, please obtain the following information to help us determine the correct turbocharger for your application using our vehicle parts database and email us over your:.

If at full throttle it doesn't show full boost typically 9 to 14 PSI for many OEM turbo systems it's best to have it looked at by a professional mechanic. However be warned, as excessive backpressure often due to a clogged catalytic converter can also prevent the turbo from developing its normal boost pressure. This is done because optimum aspect ratio at low engine speeds is very different from that at high engine speeds.

If the aspect ratio is too large, the turbo will fail to create boost at low speeds; if the aspect ratio is too small, the turbo will choke the engine at high speeds, leading to high exhaust manifold pressures, high pumping losses, and ultimately lower power output.

By altering the geometry of the turbine housing as the engine accelerates, the turbo's aspect ratio can be maintained at its optimum. Because of this, VGTs have a minimal amount of lag, have a low boost threshold, and are very efficient at higher engine speeds.

VGTs do not require a wastegate. VGTs tend to be much more common on diesel engines as the lower exhaust temperatures mean they are less prone to failure. The few early gasoline-engine VGTs required significant pre-charge cooling to extend the turbocharger life to reasonable levels, but advances in material technology has improved their resistance to the high temperatures of gasoline engine exhaust and they have started to appear increasingly in, e.

Please be aware of non-original turbochargers on the market. The first instance is to think 'I'll get that one because it's the cheapest', however most are actually counterfeit Chinese pattern part turbo's. Cheap counterfeit turbochargers will fail prematurely and can easily cause serious engine damage as they break up.

Many counterfeit Chinese made turbo's appearing on the market have undergone thorough testing side by side with genuine units by experts such as Cummins Inc. Genuine Turbo's have to pass stringent tests to make sure that in the event of a failure, the internals are kept within the housing, counterfeit turbo's have been found to EXPLODE off the testing bench under the same operating pressure.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

kp39 turbo specs

Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK.

Ready to Ship. Model Hilux. Contact Supplier. KP39 turbo parts turbocharger for 1. KP39 turbo turbocharger for Chevrolet diesel engine. High quality and competitive price. We can produce as your requirement. Renault KP39 Turbocharger. KP39 turbo turbocharger for Renault Scenic 2 1. Neutral carton 2. One turbocharger in one carton Contact Information. Rotor kit Shaft and wheels for turbocharger KP39 When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.

If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you. Adopt air heater, good starting performance when used in low temperature environment.

After shippment, we will fill in the tracking no. During shipping, we will check the status regularly and tell you. Turbocharger KP39 for Renault Megane turbocharger. Kp39 BV39 Turbocharger s. KP39 turbocharger L application for Audi A3 1. High Quality turbocharger for car for Audi A3 1. MOQ: 2 Pieces.All rights reserved. More on this:. To most people, engine families sound like funny names created with no particular reason, but they actually speak volumes about what sort of performance they can expect from each and every model they buy from a famous carmaker.

So what is EcoBoost? But before we can tell you the technology that make an EcoBoost engine, we must first look into its history and what customer demands lead to its creation. Most of its customers actually valued reliability and simplicity over increased economy. However, FoMoCo saw this was the way of the future and invested heavily, resulting in a total of patents for the technologies that go into an EcoBoost engine.

The company even goes as far as to say its 1-liter engine is as good as any equivalent diesel. The EcoBoost engine family was launched in V6 turbo engines stated being assembled at the Cleveland Engine Plant No. Ford already had some of the most reliable small engines on sale in Europe and the US, natural stating points for the turbocharged versions.

Something we like about turbo engines is that while Mazda is using very high compression rations, all EcoBoost motors use just ratios.

V6 motors sold in America use Honeywell turbos, while the smaller three- and four-cylinder units in Europe use Borg Warner low inertia integrated turbo systems. Ford has always liked keeping it simple, so in fact there are only three types and four displacements of EcoBoost engine.

So, without further ado, here they are: 1. Ford EcoBoost turbo downsizing. Latest car models:. You will only receive our top stories, typically no more than 5 per day yes no.Every turbo comes with free telephone and email support, including pre-sales advice to help you make the right choice.

Our FREE vehicle-specific alerts have expert advice to help you save time and avoid potential warranty claims. BTN Turbo are dedicated to supplying an optimum quality product on time, at a competitive price and supporting the continuous development of the turbocharging industry.

Registered in England No. BSI registered, certificate No. This site uses cookies to provide a better user-experience and help improve our services. Continue Find out more. Sales call Replacement Turbochargers. Buy with confidence from the turbo experts.

Full technical support Every turbo comes with free telephone and email support, including pre-sales advice to help you make the right choice. Check before you fit Our FREE vehicle-specific alerts have expert advice to help you save time and avoid potential warranty claims. BorgWarner K04 K. BorgWarner KP35 BorgWarner K04 M. BorgWarner 3LM 6N BorgWarner K04 BorgWarner B03 BorgWarner B1 BorgWarner B1G BorgWarner B2 A BorgWarner B2G BorgWarner K04 Unknown. BorgWarner B3 BorgWarner K14 H.

BorgWarner K14 A. BorgWarner KP39 R. BorgWarner B3G BorgWarner K14 C.

ReparaciĆ³n turbo KP39 - Turbos Suotepower

BorgWarner KP39 BorgWarner K14 J. BorgWarner K14 BorgWarner BV30 BorgWarner BV35 BorgWarner K16 07KB. BorgWarner K16 A. BorgWarner K16 F. BorgWarner BV39 L. BorgWarner K16 BorgWarner BV39 M. BorgWarner R2S 03LBefore you go crazy and start buying turbos, see our article How to Tell If Your Turbocharger Has Failed and possibly a mechanic to determine if you actually need a new turbo.

Why are there two replacement turbos available? The main difference between the two turbos is their size and how much fuel they can provide to the engine. The VNT is larger, and can thus compress more air. It has a 49 millimeter compressor wheel, which is considerably larger than the wheel on the KP Comparatively, the KP39 is more responsive.

Tuning your car can eliminate this lag, plus improve performance. While the KP39 might be easier on your wallet and have good response, it can struggle and fail at high altitudes. The turbo needs to work harder to compress the thin air, and therefore produces less power or might overspeed and fail.

A second downside to the KP39 is that replacement actuators are unavailable. If your actuator breaks, you need a whole new turbo. Replacement actuators are available for the VNT However, if your car is modified to take advantage of a larger turbo, or you live in a high altitude area, the VNT is your best bet.

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